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The Hunt Is Over!!

Well we did it!  Our Quest for a playground to put in the back yard has been completed! 

For the last few weeks, Nan and I have been on a hunt.  Literally mission impossible combing the internet day in and day out, sometimes minute by minute hour by hour, second by second.  The requirements simple, yet seemingly impossible to fill.  One would think it would be simple to find something for our rambunctious and witty 9, 7, 5, and 3 year olds, to romp and ramble on, but not even Nan or I realized the extent of the task ahead of us. Moments of sweet victory followed by valleys of disappointment.  How do you say?  Well, for those of you that have had the pleasure of experiencing one of the seven wonders of the World Wide Web, the flea market of the 21st century, the deal of all deal finders called Craigslist.  I must admit, I am a bit of an addict, and as my beloved significant other has so eloquently put it…..we are “Craigslist Junkies.”  Searching for the next and best great deal trying to save and maximize our dollars.  Let’s just say that the “Free” section link has been permanently etched on my screen.  For those of you that know us, you know that Nan and I are a little picky.  We had just a few requirements for this playset for the kids. It had to have several activities ie. Slide, swings, monkey bars etc. Had to be made out of wood, not too old or in too bad of shape, but may need a little paint or re-staining.  I was willing to take it and dis-assemble if it meant saving a few bucks. Oh, and one last minor detail, it had to be very affordable, so affordable, I wouldn’t have to pay for it.  Yep I said it, it had to be F-R-E-E, Free!.  What can I say?  Have you ever been on a tight budget (like zero dollars) and wanted to do something awesome for your kids?  For those of you that live on one income, you feel me, you catch my drift, and you’r eatin’ what I’m dishin’.  So the quest began.  Searching high and low for just the right playset.  You would think it would be a simple process, but unfortunately there are a ton of other people just like me that are lookin’ for the same great deal, and they somehow always beat me to it!  I would find one that we loved, emailed as fast as my little fingers could type, only to find out someone had beat me to it. Yeah, some of you are nodding your head right now cause you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about.

Well this time we were the early bird, and caught one heck of a worm!  Yeah I have to disassemble it myself, but it will be perfect in my back yard and will provide tons of summer fun for the kiddos.  I will post some pics once I have it up.  Let’s just hope I live to tell about it!  ha ha.


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Ready, Set, GO!!!

Ok, so it’s time to begin my blogging journey. For those of you that don’t know me, I am a dad with 5, soon to be 6 kids and I have an awesome wife of 12 years, which, by the way is a gorgeous Puerto Rican mama! sizzle sizzle. Ok ok…technically she’s white, mexican and who knows what else…but we lay homage to her Puerto Rican roots!!  I love my family and love spending time teaching, learning and growing with all of life’s changes.

This past weekend, I had an epiphany of sorts.  I was snuggled nice and warm in my bed, the whole house silent at 7 am, no kids running around, no dog licking my face to let him outside, and I didn’t have to be at work.  You would think I would be sleeping away getting as much rest as I could, instead, I’m wide awake.  I am thinking about art, bills, things to do with the kids, the fact that I need to mow the lawn, and whatever else ran across my mind. (you know how it is.)

Then I got to thinking, when you think of dad blogs, there are not many out there.  There are tons of mommy blogs about making snacks, and saving money and cutting coupons, but what about the brotherhood?  What about the Men, in-particular, fathers/husbands (not necessarily at the same time)  that want to learn more and talk about stuff that happens in daily life? I know there are dads like me and not like me and figured that would be great to talk about dad/father stuff!!

So I decided to embark on this adventure and see if there are other dads and husbands out there that would like to share our experiences, failures, successes, and the little things that we don’t usually talk about.  I hope my experiences as a father of 5, soon to be 6, will be encouraging, funny, informative and all the other stuff that comes along with family life. I guess this is the clubhouse for boys.  No Females allowed.  Just kidding. I think this is going to be a fun and adventurous journey that hopefully encourages other men out there to be better fathers, give ideas and share things that will help us all out.

I hope you get involved and share as much or as little as you want (preferrably the first of the two) and make this a fun and interactive forum to be in.  Since we are on the subject…..tell me about your last idea encounter(s), or lack of idea encounters, I know there has got to be some stories out there somewhere!

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!