A Little Birdie Told Me It’s Father’s Day…..

ImageI guess I am a little weird in the fact that, although I love being appreciated, I almost feel selfish having a whole day dedicated to appreciating the fact that I have helped to create children at some point in my life.  By nature I like to be appreciated, but when people actually do (like my kids and wife on father’s day) I feel like I don’t deserve it.  Anyone feelin’ me on this or am I the only weird one?

I guess I look at fatherhood and the things I do as what is to be expected.  Lately I feel like I’ve neglected my kids because I have been busy with quite a bit of other things going on, but I know technically I haven’t. If you consider 5 hours at the pool, sunburn and all, neglect, then I guess I’m guilty. If I could get paid for being a dad, that would be my dream job! Go on vacations, take them on excursions, teaching life lessons and and stopping to enjoy life along the way. I guess you really couldn’t put a salary or go wrong with that kind of job right?


A shield I made Noah for his Captain America Costume!

My kids are to me, like pancakes are without syrup.  You can’t have one without the other. As a father we grow so attached and I am still amazed at how much they love me regardless of the mistakes I’ve made or things I have done intentionally or unintentionally to hurt them. I received a text from my Brother-in-law Jeremy Larracuente saying that in our kid’s eyes, dad is “…the biggest, strongest, most amazing superhero there is.”  That got me thinking about a dad’s “Super Hero Status.” I guess a dad could be a Super hero or a villain depending on how you look at it. Superheros are there to save the day and protect, where as villains are out to destroy and hurt.

In my kids’ eyes, I never want them to see me as a father by title only. Instead I want every hour of play, project completed, or tickle monster session fulfilled I would earn major Super Hero points. Those points will never win me an academy award, or earn me a million dollars, or the keys to the city, but being known as a dad that they can always count on is the best reward a guy could ever ask for. I guess I prefer to be a  Superhero because villains never win….right? 

The years are going to come and go, and before you know it, our kids are going to be out of the house, and we are going to look back on those years, and wish we could have them back. Things that we have said, things that we didn’t do, games we missed, time that we should have spent on important things. 

I know life is full of regrets, but I never want to look back at my kids and think, “What If”  What if I would have spent more time with them, what if I would have missed work to make it an award ceremony, what if I would have taken the time to explain something better, what if I would have intervened before that boy did, and hurt my daughter, what if I would have instilled the values I have or communicated them more effectively so they would also have the same values?

The possibilities are endless, but I hope that as a Father I have put the best foot forward.  As my other Brother-in-law Brandon Nelson said it, There’s “No handbook on how to be a perfect dad, but you take each moment as a lesson and learn from it.”  That is great advice from one of the best dad’s I know.  We may not be a perfect dad yet, but I know we have the perfect example of a father in Jesus.  My hope and prayer for all the dads out there is that we can rise above and be the Godly and best example we can to our kids. To those fathers that bear the Super Hero status, I commend you and challenge you and as the famous man of steel said himself.  “This looks like a job for…SUPERMAN!!”  Happy Father’s Day to all of you!!

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