“I just Couldn’t Do It”

Having a large family these days is as common as a VCR sittin’ under your flat screen TV.  Ya just don’t see them anymore.  I know compared to my dad and his 15 siblings, my 5, soon to be 6 kids seems….let’s just say….little.

I guess when you really think about it, 5 kids is really not a lot of kids….until you live with them. he he.  There are days where my little angels fly around the house and play around the yard with halos and their fluffy gleamingly white wings, and there are days I wonder if they really belong to me. Nan and I have a little inside joke.  When the kids act up or are extremely hornary, we tell each other, “Oh, that must be from your side of the family.”  Truth be told, we know each of us has our little contribution to their behavioral makeup, but it is always fun to blame each other.

We found ourselves at the pool again the other day, when my little chatterbox Ciara started informing the unsuspecting lady of our family history as well as our future arrival.  She then ran into Nan and said “Your kids are so polite and so well behaved, (this after playing with her daughter’s bag of pool toys) you’re going to have six?  I barely have two, and can barely handle them. I just couldn’t do it.”  If you would have talked to me years ago I would have said the same thing.  The hardest adjustment for me was going from 1 to two kids, but now, it seems like a drop in the bucket.

It’s funny how now that we have 5 kids, we don’t even think about the work, we just do it. One of my “domestic duties” around the house is towels.  That’s all the laundry that Nan really trusts me with after shrinking several blouses and turning a couple of undergarments pink.  I guess I was a little behind on towels because I did 4.5 loads of just towels. I did another 3 loads of just sheets and blankets. Since our work load is increasing especially as the kids grow, we are now assigning household chores.  Noah is responsible for trash, Elly is dishes, and we are lucky if Ciara and Lukas get their dishes to the sink in one piece. Ethan’s job is just to look cute, and the new baby’s job is to eat, sleep and poop, which I’m sure she will have mastered by the first day.

When I hear that comment “I couldn’t do it” from people, I think back of how do we really do it? I guess if I thought about it, I wouldn’t do it either. If I did, I’d probably go into hiding somewhere because of all the work it takes. I don’t think about it really. I think more about my kids and how I can make a difference in their life, and making sacrifices for such special little people.  Giving up the date night so that we can make a special memory with the kids, or not getting the pruning shears I need so that I can get some icecream for the kids on a hot summer night. In the end these are sacrifices that have big payoffs, and it is really worth it.  I will look back one day and see my legacy live on. It’s not always easy, but in the end it is worth it.

What kind of sacrifices do you make as a parent?

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2 thoughts on ““I just Couldn’t Do It”

  1. Kelly says:

    What a sweet post. My family thinks we’re nuts with 4. I say, more love. And laundry 😉

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks Kelly, yeah, we get that we are nuts from family, friends and everyone. 🙂 It’s funny seeing the look on our friends and family’s faces when we told them we were pregnant with number 6. There is definitely more love in the Sanchez household. Thanks for reading and commenting! Love to hear other’s stories.

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