It’s Fathers day…..Again….

Every year I ask myself the same question, “Do I really deserve to have a day, that has been specially earmarked to appreciate me for my fatherly duties?” In my mind I say……”Of course!” then the humble side of me says….”Not really.” (It’s a constant battle of course) 🙂

Looking back at my childhood, I see all the sacrifices and care that my dad gave to our family, and although he was not the most affectionate dad, he did what he knew how, and he did his best. I respect him a lot because he did not have a father growing up that was there for him to set the standard in his home. He grew up with 16 kids and a single mom, which meant lots of beans and tortillas for dinner. Even with that simple menu I can’t imagine feeding that many kids er’day…exhausting just thinking about it. Sheesh.

My dad, my brother, my odest daughter, and me at Applebee's.

My dad, my brother, my odest daughter, and me at Applebee’s.

It’s the life lessons that have made an impact on me now as a father. It’s the ethic to work hard to earn a living, pay your bills on time (although I’m still grasping this one) and learning a side trade to be able to earn extra money during lean times. Never give up, and do what it takes to get things done.

My dad never went to college, or even graduated high school for that matter, he always emphasized getting good grades because he knew how difficult it was for him to drop out of school to pick potatoes in the fields to help provide for his family. It was these simple life lessons that have helped me to become who I am today. Makes me appreciate the things that we had as kids, even though it may not have been what I really WANTED, it is what we NEEDED.

I appreciate my dad many times over, not just on Father’s day, but every time I see scars on his hands from fixing cars, and the lessons he taught me while we fixed those cars together. I appreciate my dad for all the selfless acts of giving he made for me as a child, and now as an adult. I appreciate how much he shows his love through his actions, instead of through his affection (That’s his love language) I highly recommend this book! I appreciate how he taught me upholstery, how to change a tire, and how to get dirty when life demands it. I appreciate his selfless acts that I have never seen nor will I ever see, because he never needed acknowledgement or recognition. I appreciate the grandfather he is now to our children, and the way he loves them so unconditionally.

I appreciate the way he taught me about God and the importance of reading the word.  He may not have been perfect, but these are all things that have shaped me to the person I am today. I can only hope and pray that I turn out to be half the man that he is today and pass it along to my kids.

Aveah, Nan, Lukas, Noah, Elly, Ethan, Ciara and me making memories

Aveah, Nan, Lukas, Noah, Elly, Ethan, Ciara and me making memories


One thought on “It’s Fathers day…..Again….

  1. Gloria Sanchez says:

    I am just in AWE! Our Son KEVIN, you just have a way of expressing yourself, I have a lot to learn from you, and YOUR DAD and I are just so so proud of you and LOVE YOU so so MUCH!!! I read this to him again and He was smiling all the time, especially when you read this to him. WE PRAY FOR YOU and OUR HITA and gorgeous grandchildren every single day. You are a GOOD son, husband, brother and DADDY!!

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